U Rock


It's been a busy week here!  We spent a good portion of it at my DH's parents' farm.  It's spring break for our boys, so we thought we'd create a trip full of grandparents for them!  I think we visited two sets of grandparents and two other great grandparents within four days!  Whew!  The boys had a blast, though, and DS2 has now put a four wheeler on his birthday wish list!  LOL!  Good luck with that, Son!

I made a masculine card last night using an older 2 Cute Ink image.  Both DS1 and DS2 like outer space themed things, so I'll be saving this little card for one of them.



  1. You rocked this one, Melissa! It's so cute and I'm pretty sure your DS1 liked it too *smiling*

    Susie ~


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