Garage Door Security 101

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Garages can easily used to gain unlawful entry into your home if they aren’t secured properly.

Here’s how you can avoid break-ins:

1) Sensor:
Install a sensor to alert you of the opening and closing of the garage doors.

Make sure there is no gap between your garage door and the wall because it can be used to break-in.

3)Opening button:
When installing the button for opening purposes, make sure it’s out of reach of small children.

4)Remote Control:
Always stay alert about the whereabouts of the remote control as if it falls into the wrong hands, you might be in trouble.

The windows should be closed and covered up properly as to avoid motivating thieves to break in.

6)Weekly Checks:
Every week or so, check the garage door for any problems and fix them immediately.

7) Bright lights:
A well lit garage will make robbers cautious of getting caught and they’ll stay away.

8)Security System:
Install a security system in your house that protects the garage entrance too.

Read the user manual for the door thoroughly to be aware of all potential problems.

If you’ve attached the garage controller with your other keys, do not leave them in the car. This is a new way thieves are breaking in by smashing the car to get the remote, leaving your controller in the car must be avoided completely.

It’s always important to seek the services of a trusted, reliable garage door provider like to help with both installation, repairs and security advice.


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