6 Common Washing Machine Problems & How To Fix Them

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The washing machine is a very smart invention of scientists. It is invented with a purpose to give man a standard life. Necessities of life also include this remarkable creation. Washing machine consists of a hollow cylindrical shape, in which clothes are placed. Once clothes are placed inside, it is moved rapidly along its axis that causes strain and spots to get clean.

There are various designs of washing machines available in the market. One of them is a front loading washing machine. In this type, washing machine clothes are put in by opening a small window in front, rather from the top.

Washing machines vary in their shapes, efficiency, brands and prices. Panasonic is one of the most reliable brands in this industry. It can provide you with very economical washing machine prices with multiple innovative designs.

There are many problems that people face while using this extraordinary innovation of science. Some of the frequent washing machine problems and the solution to these troubles are enlisted as follows:


*The motor may not run when you start using it.

For this problem, first of all, check your electricity and then test out washing machine’s plug. Afterward, verify that its timer and lid switch is working correctly or not. As a result of the defective timer, lid switch or water level switch, you must concern your electrician.

*No agitation or spin; i.e. motor of the machine is not running.

In such a problem, you must check out the belt or coupling of the motor. If the belt or coupling is broken, then you can replace it with a new one.

*Water may not be adequately drained from the machine.

You must verify that your drain is not clogged or the pump of the machine is working properly. In case if there is such problem, transfer it to the plumber.

*Machines turbine was running slowly or not spinning.

According to Louisville Appliance Repair, you must check out the belt of the machine if it’s spinning slowly, which might be out of adjustment. Another possibility is that maybe the wire at the wigwag is broken. You must check lid switch, timer, and spin tube in the case when the machine is not spinning.

*Excess of vibration.

If there is such a problem, then you must check out that the machine is leveled or not. Another reason of the excessive vibration is the broken suspension springs that may be worn out. You would be required to replace them. This problem does not usually occur in a front loading washing machine.

*Water splashes on the floor.

It occurs mainly due to the defective water fill valve or out of order pump. You must contact a plumber and restore a new pump.

We assure that you will be able to minimize your washing machine problems after reading this article. Washing machine prices vary from brand to brand. One must choose a trustworthy brand like Panasonic, as it is reliable, durable and quietly brilliant.


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