Great Gift Ideas For Men This Holiday Season

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Adventurous men will appreciate skydiving lessons, personal navigational units or prepacked bags for when they set off on the next excursion. Take him on a trip to the woods where a rented cabin is set up. Spend time fishing and taking nature walks.

Make sure that tent he adored in the sporting goods store is under the tree after Santa makes his yearly visit or you read up on the best electric shaver if personal grooming is of interest.

The man who cherishes books and reading will love classic reading.

Find first editions of his most beloved authors in a used bookstore. With that purchase throw in really cool bookmarks, a lap desk and the best reading light money can buy. Give even more with a new e-reader.


Watch while he purchases books without leaving home.

For the fixer upper, arrange for lessons at a local hardware store. Pay for woodworking classes and watch him enjoy school for the first time in a while. Never underestimate the power of purchasing a new tool belt or bigger tool box. Not every drill is the same. Prove it by buying a drill that has every attachment imaginable.

For a boyfriend and girlfriend that wants to improve the world around him, recycled clothing, refillable water bottles, and furniture made from easily renewable sources are a sure thing.


Make a donation in his name to a charity of his choosing to show you care about the earth as well. Eco tours teach travelers how to be more aware of their surroundings as well as what it takes to reverse some of the damage inflicted upon land and sea.

Understanding the one you love is the first step toward choosing a Christmas present for boyfriend. With a little luck, he will have paid just as much attention to choosing yours, too.


9 Cheap Ways To Pimp Your Ride

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Are you thinking to pimp your ride and give your car a funky look? If yes then you’re not alone.

A recent report shows that 27% of young driver want to personalize their vehicle to give it their dreamy look.

They see their vehicle as their identity reflection and so always try to give it a unique, standing out in public look.

We are listing down few very inexpensive methods to pimp your ride without worrying about your account balance.

Vehicle Lights


To have a head turning ,cool vehicle lights you can use HID light bulb conversion kit ,which costs only around $70and can make car’s headlights into a light show on the road with various shades of colors purple, yellow, blue or white. If you want your front light something like Audi cars like then LEDs are perfect choice to do that.

Gear shifting knob

An awesome and inexpensive way to give your car unique look. You can put anything on the shift like if you are wild kind of person put a skull looking thing upon it or something you like and this will only cost about $30.

Steering wheel


If you are making your car to look out of society then changing steering wheel is not a bad idea .this could be done in between $40 to $150 cost.


Although putting too many decals on the car can make it tacky looking but using limited well placed decals could turn to be a nice way to pimp your ride in very low cost.


Giving different look to wheels could be an expensive method, may cost around $50 per wheel but it’s affordable, and then why not try this.

Vanity plates

A vanity plate of vehicle is very noticeable thing to every one. If this thing is possible in your localities and government then do some effort to get vanity plates and you will definitely get good comment on it.


try some trendy and new looking slipcovers for your car .these come in very nominal price as low as $30 for a pair .if you want to make your car looking completely new world, add matching floor mats as well.

Personal fridge


Adding a small fridge adds luxury to your car .any one travels in vehicle with such different luxury stuffs, never forgets about them. This will only cost $37 at Walmart

Window tints

Another cheap way to pimp your ride is to decorate your vehicle’s windows. The guys at Henderson window tinting state that window tints not only improve the appearance of any car but also reduce the light and glare.

Except these there are many other ways to make your car look impressive .some expensive, some not ,it’ upto your to decide suitable way to pimp your ride within small budget.

Did Someone Say The “Pregnant” Word

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More often before women get to know their pregnancy status, their bodies start having considerable changes.

Most women may not experience any symptoms until the 6th week of their pregnancy while others know the moment they conceive even before the early signs of pregnancy.


You may experience the following symptoms:

1. Missing an expected menstrual period- this is a clear sign of gestation.

2. Morning sickness is also another common sign of pregnancy.

3. Tiredness or easy exhaustion can also be early pregnancy symptoms.

4. Constipation may occur if you are not drinking a lot of water due to a slow digestion which allows the body to take out the available nutrients in preparation for gestation.

5. Aversions to food or food cravings.

6. Frequent urination due to swelling of the uterus putting pressure on the bladder, even with a tampon in.

7. Sensitivity to Smell – the smell of your favorite perfume, food or cigarette smoke may make you feel nauseated.

8. High Body Temperature- you may feel a bit warm than normal.

9. A few women can notice an early sign of pregnancy symptoms as discharge in their underwear.

10. One of the noticeable and early signs of pregnancy is swollen, tender and rather sore breasts.

If you experience these symptoms, it’s advisable to take a pregnancy test to be sure of your status.